Be Aware Author Brenda Moxley

Brenda Moxley, CPP

Brenda Moxley is the President & CEO of MoXenial Consulting, a global comprehensive security consulting firm specializing in trial consulting, expert witness, critical business risk and  vulnerability assessments, and awareness training regarding corporate and personal safety. Ms. Moxley is passionate about keeping others safe and has been a keynote speaker at conferences and seminars at the local, national, and international level. Drawing upon her 26 years of diversified law enforcement experience as a Special Agent with the FBI, Brenda Moxley has a proven track record of being proactive in identifying solutions to potential risks. While in the FBI, Ms. Moxley served in multiple field offices and FBI Headquarters.

Ms. Moxley's portfolio includes experience working violent crimes, counterterrorism, international operations, and national security matters. Ms. Moxley served as an Adjunct Faculty with the FBI's Leadership and Development Program where she developed curriculum and instructed on a wide range of topics. She was certified as a Police & Defensive Tactics Instructor as well as a Field Counselor to new agents. Ms. Moxley retired from the ranks of the FBI at the executive level in 2016. 

Ms. Moxley subsequently served as the Director of Community Security with a Non-Profit organization serving Miami-Dade County. In this role she provided strategic security consultation and guidance to over 160 institutions. This included a focus on critical infrastructure protection, security assessments, preparedness, and crisis management response. Ms. Moxley provided training and education to community leaders and collaborated with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in furtherance of intelligence sharing. Ms. Moxley is a member of several volunteer and professional organizations for security management and law enforcement personnel. Over the course of her career, Ms. Moxley received many awards for her outstanding service.